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How to choose off grid solar power system
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With economic development and people's living standards improve,almost every family used electronic product. Because of some family are locate in remote area and lack of electric power,so off grid solar power system is their best choose.
Regarding the off grid solar power system,because of it includes portable solar lighting system and home solar power system.At first,we need know what kind of off grid solar power system will you need.

Here, I explain the difference between portable solar lighting system and home solar power system to you. Portable solar lighting system, also call mini solar lighting system or solar mobile system. It includes controller with built-in battery,solar panel and some led bulbs . Of course, maybe it have usb charge cable as accessory. Normally,It only support DC12V and USB5V output for lighting and mobile phone charge. It is very easy installation,plug and play. We can use it indoor or outdoor when we go to camping. Regarding the home solar power system, It also have two series includes small home solar power system and bigger power solar system. Base on portable solar lighting system,the home solar power system add inverter for output AC220V or AC110V. According the difference between running time and load power,the battery quantity and solar panel power is also different.Normally, the solar panel will be fixed installation on the roof or near the house,where have fully sunshine.